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A constant commitment to a new coveted result.

A long-lasting partnership and a team of great technical value allowed Assyrus to acheive an important milestone: to become VMware PSO (Professional Services Organization). This recognition places our Company among the few in Italy capable to provide VMware professional services and our mission, more than ever, is to help customers who wish to invest in long-term solutions by reducing infrastructural complexity and risks.

Together, to overcome the challenge of virtualisation.

Assyrus was one of the first IT companies in Italy to believe in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, thanks to its partnership with one of the world’s most esteemed vendors in this field: VMware.
Among the first to be accredited as a VMware Enterprise Partner, over the years, Assyrus has followed the evolution of the network partnership program, with a focus on ever increasing specialisation. It 2009 it was the first company in the world to respect the new certification and expertise criteria, winning international awards such as “Top Partner”.

From desktop virtualisation to the network, from architecture to applications, from capacity planning services to business continuity, through to back-up and security solutions, Assyrus has advanced skills in all technological areas. The team includes one of the most certified VMware experts in the world, as well as highly experienced vExpert senior system administrators, sales executives and pre-sales technicians. The crème de la crème when it comes to expertise, for virtualisation that can really improve scalability and workloads, increasing efficiency and reducing infrastructure management costs.

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