Tell us where you want to get to.
We’ll build the road for you.

In every business, there is performance to be improved, data to be protected, communications to be speeded up, costs to be reduced, infrastructure to be optimised, processes to be made more efficient, information to be made accessible in real time, everywhere. IT solutions are not an end but a means to achieve these goals, giving a competitive edge, for an investment that has a significant impact on the company’s ability to thrive in its industry

At Assyrus, we focus on these aspects through a relationship that starts with a careful study of the existing infrastructure. To understand its critical issues and potential in an analysis whose aim is not to result in costly upheavals but rather careful implementation, taking advantage of the latest technologies available.

Our role is to enable you to evaluate each variable and truly understand the benefits of each solution. A conscious choice in which technical jargon translates into concrete benefits and where technology is only useful if it helps people to work better and your company to grow.

Step by step, every project
is a journey to be taken together.

From the first meeting to the after-sales period, here are the three steps that make Assyrus’s work stand out. A process made up of an ongoing relationship with IT managers to increase company competitiveness.


Consultancy and quote

For us, drawing up a quote means studying the existing infrastructure and business needs in depth, by means of various inspections and meetings with our technicians. This phase that can last months, and the end result is a project and a quote that meets your needs.


Installing solutions

Once the project has been approved, our system administrators set to work to configure the technology from our vendors and install customised solutions in line with your objectives. A comprehensive project that also includes training for your team to exploit the full potential of the infrastructure.


Maintenance and assistance

After the configuration, Assyrus can remain a point of reference, and you are totally free to choose whether or not to sign up for specific after-sales solutions to monitor performance, intervene in the case of unforeseen events and implement different solutions based on developments within your company.

Do you already have infrastructure in place?

Our maintenance contract is independent from the design and installation phases. You can sign up for it even if the projects were implemented by other IT companies. By relying on us, you can be sure of receiving solid operational assistance with a significant strategic component behind it.

One of the most certified companies in italy.

Every product and IT solution is a complex technology that requires experience and expertise in order to obtain the maximum benefits. Together, Assyrus and its experts boast a world of certification, updated in line with the latest market developments. For your company, the total guarantee of a project and installation of the highest quality.