Your strategic partner for digital transformation.

Assyrus is an IT consulting company that designs, installs and manages excellent IT infrastructure. A company from Brescia, founded in the early 2000s, thanks to a pool of IT engineers who chose to combine their experience and expertise to form a solid, well-structured business.

From networks to systems, from virtualisation technologies to client/server applications, through to business continuity. Thanks to its consolidated relationship with the world’s top IT solutions and technology vendors, Assyrus has become a trusted partner for the digital transformation of medium and large companies, in any sector, able to offer a comprehensive service, always in line with business objectives.


Agility, responsiveness, reliability, continuity. These are the characteristics that lead our customers to choose us, every day, for guaranteed enterprise-class service with the advantages of a dynamic, flexible structure. No call centres here, but rather a direct relationship with our certified experts: understanding exactly what you need every day. And always keeping a step ahead.

Human capital with advanced skills.

System administrators, programmers, sales executives. Assyrus can count on a team of over 20 qualified specialists who hold the most prestigious certification available for the products and solutions they sell, to guarantee specific experience for every project. A close-knit team, one we keep on investing in through continuous development projects: because even more than technology, our strength is people.

Andrea Mauro
CTO e Founder

Andrea Spinella
System Engineer

Annalisa Zucchi
Administration Department

Daniele Plebani
Service Manager & DevOps

Elena Siniscalco

Fatima Jabrane
Back Office Executive

Francesco Lagonigro
System Engineer

Luca Castellini
System Engineer

Luca Pelliccioli
System Engineer

Luciano Ghezzi
CEO and Sales Director

Manfred Caruso
System Engineer

Marco Bonardi

Marco Scandaletti
System Engineer

Mario Valeri
Project Manager

Massimo Albini
System Engineer

Mauro Depedri
System Engineer

Michela Busi

Paolo Boniotti
System Engineer

Paolo Torresani
System Engineer

Paolo Valsecchi
System Engineer

Patrick Ferrari
System Engineer

Rosario Alessandro
System Engineer

Samanta Bonin

Silvia Monfregola

Stefano Ferrari
System Engineer

Stefano Ripamonti

Tommaso Braghini
System Engineer

Let’s build a team.

Teamwork, commitment, fair play, passion, healthy competition. These are principles we have always believed in, ones that we put into action every day, on any project.
This is why we are the sponsors of two volleyball teams from the province of Brescia. Because we believe in sport as a tool for growth, education, fun, cohesion and sharing.
And we think that the value of a company is also measured in its ability to make a difference in its local area, helping new generations to grow in a healthy environment, where they can develop their abilities on both a physical and intellectual level.

Nets of a different nature to the physical and virtual ones we deal with on a daily basis. A commitment which, in addition to sport, extends to social aspects and to school with various initiatives to build a team for our future.


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