Università di Pisa – september 2018

20 January 2020

In 2018 the historic University of Pisa, one of the oldest in Italy and Europe, chose to totally rethink its ICT infrastructure, whose management was complex, fragmented and expensive.

VMware and Assyrus took up the design challenge of CTO Maurizio Davini, whose need for modernization and consolidation of data centers had to be necessarily combined with security, reliability, flexibility, control and guarantee of a high level of service.

Solution: Switch from a traditional approach to a hyper-converged solution, with several VMware clusters based on vSAN running on DellEMC PowerEdge servers, to consolidate the most critical services in a stretched cluster distributed over several sites to ensure the best resilience and the highest level of service.

Assyrus as VMware Enterprise Partner took care of the design, integration and implementation components, managing to complete the project in a very short time, with the active collaboration of the internal IT staff and with extreme satisfaction from all the actors of the project.

The new infrastructure will also become the enabling platform for new upcoming services such as research (particularly on big data and HPC), desktop and application virtualizations.

Read VMware press release here

Watch the interview with Maurizio Davini:

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